Welcome to my new website!

Hey there folks... Thank you for coming to this brand new web site, launched September 21, 2020.

This is now the official home of all my activities as an author and speaker. Here you'll find information about my currently-available books, (with links to purchase them), and also four online streaming video courses that are in the works.

A big part of this site is the Subscriber program. Sign up today - it's free - and gain access to new resources as I write and publish them. (Blogs, Vlogs, Newsletters, etc). Also planned is an affiliate program where existing customers can promote and sell the courses and earn commission.

Enjoy your visit to the site today. Scroll down this page, and follow the links to learn more, and please remember to subscribe while you're here.

Best Regards,
          - Kenneth

Printed Books

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Video Courses

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