Kenneth's Bio

Kenneth James Kerr has been a writer for most of his life. Indeed, his first novel was written while he was still at college in his teens. It was also during that time that he began writing sermons and preaching at churches all over the UK.

Later, he authored software manuals for the publishers of flight simulation products. He also owned the software company that developed those products, complete with a design team of more than twenty people! 

He spent several years researching and writing biographies, then served three newspapers as a journalist before launching his own independent Canadian news agency.

And through all this, he also started writing non-fiction books, from personal development primers to training manuals for direct sales companies, and from non-religious spiritual paperbacks to hardback collections of encouraging vignettes.

While more than a few of his writings are now out of print, some titles are still available, and some form the basis of the video courses he offers too. You are invited to learn more on this website.